Idaho Birding Links

Idaho Birding Trail – maps, index by species, and more 
Idaho IBAs
– Important Birding Areas on the Idaho Trail 
Idaho Birds & Birding
– online resources for birding in Idaho
Idaho’s Owls – Idaho Fish and Game brochure
Other publications from the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game are found at

Washington Birding Links

Washington State Birding Trail – trail maps, iphone app, and more
Washington IBAs – Important Bird Areas in Washington
Eastern Washington Birds and Birding – online resources for birding in Eastern Washington
Songbird Survey in Eastern WA – Audubon Washington
Washington Birder – WA state and county checklists and more
Washington Ornithological Society – statewide forum for birders

Birding Information and Tools

ABA Birding News – email lists for birders by state, area, and country
All About Birds – Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s bird guide, birding basics, and more here at “All About Birds Collection of Ornithology Resources”
American Bird Conservancy – conserving American’s native birds and habitats
American Birding Association – news, events, and more
American Ornithologist’s Union – the official checklists of birds for North and South America

Audubon Online Guide to North American Birds – browse by profile, family, or common name
BirdFellow – the internet’s first social field guide
BirdingPal – find local contacts and birding information throughout the world
Birding the Cloud – find recently reported rarities from eBird data
Birding on the .Net – index to US rare bird alerts and more
Birding on the .Net rarity map – visual of rarity reports for the US from eBird
BirdCast – Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s bird migration forecasts
BirdNote – Stories about birds, the environment, and more
BirdWatching magazine – locate birding hotspots throughout the US
Bird Watcher’s Digest magazine – articles, nature shop, and more
eBird – record and access bird observations
Environment for the Americans – conserving birds by connecting people
Oregon Birding Trails – trail maps and more
Owl ID Guide
VIREO (Visual Resources for Ornithology) – The Academy of Natural Sciences world-wide bird photograph collection

Bird House Plans and Tips
Other Local Organizations