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Welcome to the Palouse Audubon Society website!

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not offering any group meetings or gatherings at this time.

The Rose Creek Nature Preserve is requesting that members of the Palouse Audubon Society consider participating in birding surveys by reporting their bird sightings during visits to the Preserve. The surveys are to be done by reporting on E-Bird the various species and numbers observed during any field trips in the Preserve. The goal is to have four submitted surveys during the main Spring (April, May, and June) and Fall (August, September, and October) migration periods, with a single survey submitted during each of the remaining months. No additional reporting is required.

PAS is a chapter of National Audubon Society, and we hope you will visit their website for amazing photos of birds, news articles, conservation and science projects, the Audubon guide to North American birds, and information about the major issues of the NAS strategic plan: protecting coastal habitats, recognizing climate change as a bird issue, protecting birds on working lands, managing water resources, and building bird-friendly communities.

Grab your binoculars, get outside, and go birding!